What does the mileage guarantee mean?

Depending on the extra services you want, we will indicate the number of kilometers that will be driven with your vehicle in advance.
This number will consist of the sum of the distance location – departure hall vice versa, plus the number of kilometers to drive for the performance of the desired additional services.

What can I do with the ABPARKING app?

As the ABParking app is still under construction, we will add this information at a later date.

Should I drop off my car keys?

With a Shuttle Service contract, you make that choice yourself.
After arriving and parking on our premises you can hand over the keys to us, we will store them for you in our safe. Although we prefer to have the keys in our possession in order to be able to move the vehicles in case of any calamities, you can still choose to keep the keys in your possession.
With a Valet Service contract, there is of course no choice.
TIP: Hand in only the car keys and remove house and other keys.

Do I always have to call when I land?

Yes, as soon as you have received your luggage after arrival, please contact us and we will pick you up directly with our shuttle service at the agreed location at the departure hall.
With a Valet Service contract we will deliver your own vehicle to you at the agreed location.
If you give us the flight number, we will keep an eye on the landing time to be ready for you as soon as possible.

How often does the shuttle bus run to the departure hall?

The shuttle bus runs on request and as often as necessary to get everyone to Schiphol as quickly as possible. Our car park is 4 minutes from the departure hall so you never have to wait long.

Can I cancel?

Within your contract, you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the time of the reserved services, by email or (at a later stage) via the ABParking app.
Your cancellation will not be final until confirmation from us.

I have not received confirmation of the appointments.

Check your spam filter if the confirmation does not arrive immediately.
If you do not receive confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Are the corona guidelines taken into account?

Of course, the national guidelines are observed.
With the shuttle service, the number of passengers will be adjusted in relation to the 1.5 meter directive.
Our shuttle buses will also be equipped with safety-enhancing facilities and mandatory masks will be provided to passengers.

Feel free to ask us about the possibilities