Your own parking space, just 4 minutes from Schiphol Airport

Reserved, secure and available 24/7!

Exclusively for corporate use
Safe, secure parking
Dependable team
Kilometre guarantee

"Our motto is dependability and top-notch service"

Do you or one of your staff regularly go on business trips? Parking near Schiphol Airport means your organisation has to deal with lots of paperwork and confusing parking charges.
But with us, you rent your own parking space right next to the Kaagbaan runway and know your exact costs for a longer period of time. And our premium shuttle service gets you to Schiphol’s departures hall in just 4 minutes!


Who's it for?

Our unique parking solution is fully geared to business needs and wants.
Enjoy quality service at fixed, transparent prices.

International organisations

Do staff from your international organisations regularly fly in or out of Schiphol?

Well, your contract means you get a guaranteed parking space and reserved seat on our premium shuttle service to and from the departures hall.

Travel industry (partnership)

You provide travel services, so you can use our Airport Business Parking service to expand your service portfolio without any investment on your part.

You can either manage a contract you have entered into for one or more parking spaces using your own conditions and tariffs or else receive a finder's fee. Read more.

Meeting at Schiphol

Do you often use the meeting and/or conference facilities at or near Schiphol Airport?

Then reserve your own parking space with Airport Business Parking. Our luxury shuttle service takes you to your meeting location and picks you up again afterwards.

Guests from abroad

Welcome your guests from abroad with all the pomp and ceremony they deserve. You park your car on our premises and we bring you to the arrivals hall to welcome your guests.

Ideally and as part of your premium service this includes the use of our luxury taxi or limo service. If you wish, this service - including chauffeur - is available to you the whole day.

Why Airport Business Parking?

Just 4 minutes from Schiphol Airport
Kilometre guarantee (no unauthorised use of your car)
Secure parking (24/7 CCTV and security surveillance)
Charging stations for electric cars
Free shuttle service 24/7 for 1 person
Business waiting lounge with free wifi and hot & soft drinks (and toilet facilities)
If you're not flying then you can allow a customer or family member to temporarily use the parking space without charge
For larger groups of guests, we can arrange a luxury coach for you
If you wish, we can arrange a visit to a tourist attraction for your guests
We will agree with you how to provide any of your contractual services just the way you like them

And don't forget our additional premium services!

Private parking Schiphol Airport

Have your own reserved parking space

Just 4 minutes from the Schiphol departures hall

How does the shuttle service work?

Outward journey

  1. Tell us (by e-mail or phone) that you are arriving
  2. Drive to our location, phoning us 30 minutes before you get there.
  3. We will accompany you to your parking space and help you with your luggage.
  4. We can also store your car keys safely in our safe.
  5. After that, we take you to Schiphol in under 4 minutes.

Return journey

  1. Phone us as soon as you have picked up your luggage.
  2. Our shuttle service picks you up from the arrivals hall and takes you to our car park,
  3. from where you can travel on to your home or next meeting.

Additional premium services

Our additional services provide you with all your creature comforts. Your business trips will now be worry-free!

Covered parking space Schiphol Airport

Covered parking space

Our covered parking spaces give your valuable car additional protection and secure parking.

Charging station Schiphol Airport

Charging station

Our charging stations ensure that your car is charged up during your business trip, so you can carry on to your next meeting right away.

Regular and premium car wash Schiphol Airport

Regular and premium car wash

When you return from your business trip, take your cleaned car with you to your next meeting. Your choice of a regular or premium car wash.

Valet service Schiphol Airport

Valet service

Due to strict regulations and fine policy from Schiphol Airport this service is discontinued until further notice.

Shuttle service Schiphol Airport

Additional persons' shuttle service

Are you travelling with fellow-travellers? Up to 3 additional people can travel with you in our premium shuttle car or bus.

Taxi en limoservice Schiphol Airport

Taxi and limo service

Includes chauffeur so you can make business trips (whole day or multiple days). Your guests and/or staff travel efficiently and in style.

Car body cover Schiphol Airport

Car body cover

Our car body cover protects your car against dirt and dust while it is parked.

All prices on this website are exclusive of Dutch VAT.

Any questions? Please see our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or get in touch with us.

"My secretary no longer has to phone round to try to find a parking space for my business trips. And I can even let a customer or member of my family use it. That's TOP service!"

Paul la Grouw, Senior Manager at Nippon Express Euro Cargo B.V.

Your own parking space, just 4 minutes from the departure hall

Reserved, secure and available 24/7!